The Church from the West side.

From the North side.

From the South side

Leaving the Church

The Church and village were destroyed by the Danes.
In the following picture you can see the outline of some of the original buildings.

The Rolls of Honour

     From the Church roof, the lighter areas are the sites of the old village.   


Ringing in 01-01-01 from left to right are Gwen and the late John Roffe, Michael and Mandy Loveder, and Robert Clarke. Maxey Tower mourns the passing of John Roffe who was instrumental in giving our ringers a solid technical base from which to continue in this noble art. Every time we ring we think of you John.


The upstairs ringing chamber.

The old blacksmith made pulley pins from bells 1 and 2.

  Bells three and four.

Another view of the Bells.
The Tenor is on the right.

We restarted bellringing practices on January 21st 2000. Attending were
(Left -Right) Peter Marshall, John Roffe, Michael and Mandy Loveder
Freya Guerge, Mike Goodall, Jan Marshall, and Gwen Roffe.

John Roffe teaching Mandy the ropes

Examples of the autographs on the Church roof.
W. Clark. 1887.


C.R.W. 1864

A very old set of footprints.

Queenie Balderson July 9th 1974.

The Central Aisle

The dedicated font cover

The Altar

The Sweeting Museum.

The Church organ.

The stained glass

February 2009