1220 Adam de Pilsgate. Cl.                                     
1287 John de Arlington. Cl.  
1288 Robert de Wardington. Cap.  
1291 William de Walcote. Cl.  
1328 William de Lilleford. Pbr.  
1330 Robert Attewalle de Newenden. Cl.  
1350 Richard Dene de Hargrave.  
1361 John de Ely de Byker.  Buried in Maxey.
1383 Stephen Woodhall. Vicar died 29-6-1400  
1400 John de Coton. Cap.  
1404 Robert Wyrkesopp. Cl.  
1428 Thomas Bacoun. Pbr.  
1463 Dom. William Gerveys. Cap.  
1506 Dom. John Wilkynson. Pbr.  
1508 Dom. Richard Crane. Cap.  
1520 Dom. William Sherman. Cap. Died 1563.  
1563 Dom. Richard Lyveley. Cl. Resigned 1585.  
1585 Robert Buddle. Son in law of predecessor.  Buried in Maxey.
1612 Zacharias Buddle. Son of predecessor  Buried in Maxey.
1644 Laurence Turnell (or Turnill)  
1645 Thomas Eaton                Buried in Maxey.
1678 Henry Curtis. BA. Left for another benefice.  
1691 Edmund Gibbs. MA.  Buried in Maxey.
1701 Richard Church. MA.  Buried in Maxey.
1717 Robert Bates. BA.  Buried in Maxey.
1771 Charles Favell. MA.                          
1807 William Loftus. Died as Vicar.  
1817 Joseph Stephen Platt. LL.B

joseph pratt.jpg (60179 bytes)

1832 John James. MA.,DD.

john james.jpg (67414 bytes)

Buried in Peterborough Cathedral grounds.
1850 Charles Cookson.

cookson.c.jpg (69664 bytes)

Buried in Maxey.
1881 Walter Debenham Sweeting. MA. Head of Kings School. Local historian. Rev Sweeting swapped livings with his successor Henry Selby Hele and moved to become Vicar of Holy Trinity, Rotherhithe after completing 20 years as Vicar of Maxey and he preached his Farewell Sermon at the Evening Service of June 9th 1901. Sweeting passed away at his residence "Maxey", Queens Rd, Wallington, Surrey on Sunday afternoon of Jan 19th 1913.

sweeting.jpg (57983 bytes)

Buried in Maxey.
1901 Henry Horne Selby Hele. Cl. He was instituted to the Benefice of Maxey by the Lord Bishop of Peterborough at the private Chapel of the Palace on Friday 31st May 1901. He was inducted by Canon James, Rector of Peakirk in St Peters Church on Saturday 15th June 1901.
Rev Hele left home early in the morning of December 31st 1901, cycling through Barnack and Wansford falling in a fit of apoplexy at the foot of Ailesworth Hill.  A subsequent inquest determined the cause of death as accidental.

horne-selby.jpg (51629 bytes)

Buried in Maxey.
1902 Francis Valentine Heath. MA.

1906 Reginald Ernest Pennington Gorringe. MA.

gorringe.jpg (75266 bytes)

1910 Samuel George Short. MA.

Buried in Maxey.
1921 Alfred Handel Smith. Cl.

Handel Smith.jpg (73940 bytes)


David Hugh Owen. MA.


1957 George Williams. MA.  
1960 Arthur Lister. Cl.  
1965 Adrian Sheasby. BA.

1996 David Bartholomew. BA. DMS. Left for another benefice in Burghclere.                     
1999 Linda M Elliott at the Altar of St. Peters, Maxey. Linda left in 2004 to become Chaplain of Thorpe Hall Peterborough. (Sue Ryder Care)



Michael Grantham took early retirement after 1 year in office.


2008 - 2016

Revd Dr Hilary Geisow was installed on September 8th 2008 and retired at the end of October 2016


Reverend Mark-Aaron B. Tisdale was installed on 19/3/2017 as Rector